How can I afford to travel?

Travelling is expensive. Once you have booked flights and accommodation the costs being to rack up before you even arrive and spend money on food, activities and souvenirs. So as a self proclaimed 'poor-student', many people ask how I afford to travel far and wide so frequently. Well, I can say it is a combination … Continue reading How can I afford to travel?


Goethe hunting in Frankfurt

My obsession with Goethe started my my final years of High School. After starting to read Faust, I quickly put the book down and moved on. It was a struggle I was not willing to commit to at the time. However, I began to read his poetry and some of his plays and fell in … Continue reading Goethe hunting in Frankfurt

Monolingualism – A Plague?

I live in a flat of predominately monolingual speakers, which is something that upsets me greatly. An interesting conversation today with my monolingual flatmate reminded me why I chose to learn languages. "But the whole world speaks English anyway. Your degree will be useless in a few years." There are around 400 million native English speakers and … Continue reading Monolingualism – A Plague?